1. Change – Don’t expect every member to do the right thing at the same time.

Do not expect everyone to change at once, that will not come easily. For some the change seems immediate, for others it can take time. For some healing will seem effortless. For some letting go of harmful beliefs, even some family member will only change after personal pain or disasters happen to them. The most important element is that someone must start the healing.

2. Don’t be a part of family problems.

Heal yourself and become a cure and create positive results. Lead by example, your family members can learn to love and respect each other from you.

3. Create happiness with those members who easily get angry.

This can seem to be an impossible task, but it is achievable. People make mistakes. Some make them only once. Others repeat their mistakes over and over. Each person is doing the best they can at the emotional intelligence level they have achieved.

If someone is being hurtful, blameful, angry or attacking, they are living at a very low emotional intelligence level, that doesn’t mean you need to live in this painful place with them. Treat everyone in the family with love. They will receive it and the power of love will heal them in remarkable ways

4. Look at yourself and ask yourself this question and give yourself a true answer:

“Am I contributing to family happiness or unhappiness?”. Develop an energy and personality where your presence will heal others and rejuvenate your family.

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