Life is imperfect. It’s hard and sometimes painful. Unfortunately man sees the negative and dark side of life as challenges and they question God, why it’s happening to them?

Have you ever noticed that when it’s dark in the night and the wind blows, the atmosphere changes, have you ever noticed that… it’s for the good of all living creatures? The body senses it’s time to rest and time to forget the stress of the day.

Have you ever try to discover the beauty within and around us when it is dark or when things are not going in the right direction?

All you need to do is to gain INSIGHT to see the light in the darkness. The light will give you hope to overcome the challenges you are going through.

Sometimes, God put us in a situation to changes us.

So dear friends, the situation you are going through right now will not last forever, don’t give up. Don’t let that disturbed your happiness. Don’t give up on yourself.

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