I Have heard many women complain that their men have walls, they are too secretive.

Their men don’t involve them in their life, they don’t talk.

Here are simple ways for a woman to make her man open up to her:

1. Ask him the right questions

Far too many women don’t show interest in their man. There are some things your man will never tell you until you ask.

Learn to ask the right questions ‘Are you OK?’, ‘How is the project going on?’

2. Don’t push it

If you ask him how he is, or about an issue and he is not keen on talking, don’t force him.

Forcing him will make him withdraw. Back down, he will come around now that he knows you are interested.

3. Keep his secrets

Don’t ever share his personal stuff with another. He needs to know he can trust you.

4. Open up to him

A man takes his cue from his woman. Men love to be the hero. If you open up to him, confide in him, ask him for help and he is

there for you and feels needed and appreciated; he will eventually open up too.

5. Don’t jump into conclusions

When he opens up, don’t conclude too quickly.

Many men keep off telling their woman sensitive stuff because she has demonstrated she can’t handle it. She gets worked up, emotional or irrational.

6. Just keep quiet

Often women love to talk, this interrupts the man when he is about to talk. Sometimes a man just wants to be listened to.

You don’t even have to give him advice, just listen.

7. Joke a lot

Make him laugh, don’t be too serious, be cheeky and funny. This will make him relax.

Once he has relaxed, he will open up about the deep matters.

8. Go out more

Go for dates together more. Proper dates, to calm settings, not noisy clubs. If he will not take you out then you take him out. Those

memorable moments will make any hardened heart open up.

9. Have more intimacy, not sex

Graduate from just the mere act of sex, have intimacy. After you have made love with your husband and he is cooling down, stroke his skin, praise how good the pleasure he gave you was. That is a man’s

most vulnerable moment, he feels closest to you. As you cuddle in intimacy, he will open up.

10. Pray more

Pray, especially with him. Ask him if there is anything he wants you to pray for. Prayer has a way of softening hearts.

11. Eat with him more

Great conversations happen over food.

12. Don’t look at him different

Don’t judge him or attack him based on what he struggles to share with you. If you do so, chances are, in future he will opt not to share with you.

13. Don’t force your advice

Don’t dictate to him what to do. Make suggestions. Don’t treat him like a small boy, journey with him as a King towards finding a solution.

14. Do activities together

Be there. Do stuff with him. The more you are next to him, the more he will be inclined to talk.

15. Don’t attack his friends

Instead, show that you are supportive of his social life. Rise above his friends, be the bigger person. Show him that you are his

closest ally, his best friend; his friends come after you.

16. Give him peace

Don’t nag, quarrel or make his time with you uncomfortable and judgement time. Men avoid complicated

environments. Be careful about the tone of your voice and your facial expression, lest you chase him away.

17. Don’t accuse him of not opening up to you

The more you complain how frustrated you are he doesn’t open up to you, the more he will shuts you out.

My Prayer is that as you read this, God will mend & heal every broken relationship.

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