Here are some tried and true tips from people who have enjoyed long, happy relationships.

1. REFRESH – Take time to look back, refresh your memories and share what brought you together. Especially when life is difficult, rely on these old memories as your foundation and discuss how you can live a better life together.

2. FORGET – No need to “always” remember the bad things that happened during an argument. Actively “forget” sometimes. Be the first to apologize and make up.

3. DISAGREE – Agree that it’s okay to disagree on some issues, and leave it at that. You don’t HAVE to agree on everything. And you won’t. And that’s okay.

4. MEMORIES – Make some together. Enjoy special moments, special anniversary dates and events. No need to be elaborate Make it an annual event. And when you are together later in the day without friends and family, play some games, and have some romancing movement …over time it becomes a theme.

5. FUN AND DATES – Couple tend to have fun on dates. Even if life seems too busy, create time for your relationship. Go out and have fun together. Also play some games, it’s necessary.

So don’t just sit back. Take short steps to improve your relationships and let life’s problems magically pass by while you hold on to your relationship.

Improving relationships require knowing what to do and how to do it. If you follow some tried and true tips, it is possible you can also improve your relationships.

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