A couple has been married for over 9 years plus without children.
Dave and Clara stayed with each other and hoped that they will have a child before their 10th year of marriage runs out.  They were under pressure from friends and family members to get a divorce; but they couldn’t let go, because of the love between them.  
Months passed.  And one day, while Dave was returning from work, he saw his wife walking down the road with a man, the man had his arms around her neck and they looked very happy.
 For over a week, he saw the same man with his wife at various places. And one evening  while Dave was returning from work, he saw the  man giving his wife a kiss on the cheek at the front of their house, Dave was very angry and sad.
Two days later after a hectic day at work, Dave was taking water with a glass jug from the dispenser when the phone rang. He picked it up and the person said, “Hello dear, I’ll be coming to your house this evening to see you as promised. I hope….. “.  Dave hung-up the phone. It was a male voice and he was sure the person was the man he had always seen her with.
 He suddenly became shaky with the thought that he has lost his wife to another man. The glass jug fell from his hand and shattered into pieces. Clara came running into the room asking, “Is everything okay?”
In anger he gave his wife a push and she fell. She wasn’t moving or getting up. Dave then realized that she fell on the broken glass. A large piece of glass had pierced her. He felt her breath but there she lay lifeless. His wife was dead. In total confusion, he saw an envelope in her hand. He took it, opened it and was shocked by its content -it was a letter with a message;
“My loving husband, words cannot express how I feel. I have been going to see a doctor for over a week and I wanted to be sure before I give you the news. The doctor confirmed it that I am pregnant with a twins and our baby is due 7months from now. The same doctor is my brother who I lost his contact after our marriage. He has promised to take care of me and our baby and give us the best without collecting a dime. He also promised to have dinner with us today. I am putting this on your favorite chair in the sitting room for you to remember the day you proposed to me and I said “Yes” because I was so happy. Thanks for staying by my side”. -Your loving wife. The letter fell from his hand.
There was a knock at the door and the same man he had seen with his wife came in and said, “Hello Dave, hope  I’m right? It’s John, the brother of your wife and…” Suddenly, John noticed his sister lying in a pool of her own blood. He rushed her to the hospital and she was confirmed dead! Her twins baby gone. He lost everything. A pleasant surprise gone awry.
Do you think his wife take it a little bits far? What should the man have done in this situation?
Trust and patience are two important virtues required for a successful marriage. Maybe some will blame the wife for taking her A LONGER time to share with her husband what was going on. 
Regardless, this is a sad end to what could have been a superb testimony. Unfortunately in our world today, trust has become a scarce virtue. If the husband has been patient, he could have been the father of a twins while still having his wife alive.
Friends, be patient. Be careful not to jump into conclusion. The end result may change the course of your life. I also want to pray for someone reading this that may the spirit of error that makes a man to lose God’s plan for your life will not take a hold of your life. May you not be found missing when you miracle and blessing come ‘knocking’ at your door. Your life will not end in regret. Amen!
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