If you had heated argument with your partner and you are still feeling angry, You yourself know that if you could only apologize, things could move on, but you just can’t let go of your anger. 
The fact remains that there should be love of attraction in your relation and your partner should be seen as someone who can reduce stress of life on you and be there to make you happy.
Remember, YOU are responsible for your own happiness.
Your partner doesn’t have the power to MAKE you angry or sad-no one can MAKE you feel any way except Y-O-U!
  You have a CHOICE about how you react to what your partner does, right?
Rationally, you know this to be true, but why is it that you cannot control your emotions? Why is that you are allowing sadness to rule over your relationship? You relationship should be a thing of joy, happiness and blessing.
If you feel YOU don’t want to be seen as someone who is defected by saying SORRY, a little touch on your partner can resolve all the whole issues. Please do that and let happiness reign in all your relation areas starting from your spouses, parents, children or friends-and create joy with fullness in your relationships.
Thanks for reading and please apply it today!
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