To love and to care episode 3,  It’s all about communication and sharing the little things that make up happy family. Below are some tips to make your feelings known;

1. Never underestimate the power of a hug – It helps to renew your love with your partner.

2.  Sit down and talk about your day after the evening meal, a lot of things happened during the day that you can share with your partner.

3. Share an experience. It could be a movie, a new CD, magazine article, or a short story. Talk about what you read or saw and why you liked or disliked it. And do it regularly.

4. Compliments. Everyone loves getting them so never pass up the opportunity to give one of these reliable mood boosters. You can give them in person or write them on a small piece of paper and leave them somewhere unexpected for your loved one to find.

5. Thoughtful gestures. Doing something unexpected, especially when your loved one is busy and stressed, is a lovely way to show that you understand what they are going through and that they have your support.

6. Celebrate all your partner’s successes with them – from a high five to a glass of champagne. Whatever the scale of the success calls for, make it a joint celebration

Do all these mentioned above and you will be happy that you are in love.

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