keep on trying is the secret to achieve anything in life. Every successful person you know today has a painful story to share. They didn’t give up on their way up. They continue to work on their dream. There is probably no better example of persistence than the story of Abraham Lincoln. 

He failed in business at 21, lost a legislative race at age 22, failed in business again at 24 and lost a congressional race when he was 34. At 45 he lost a senatorial race. And he failed in an attempt to become Vice President when he was 47. But he was finally elected President of the United States at age 52.
Lincoln never quit. He could have given up after several attempts but pursued his ambition to assume the highest office in America. There is no substitute for persistence. As long as you are still actively trying after every failure, you have not failed yet.

So dear friends and family, don’t give up on the way. If you give up, all your effort to achieve your dream will be wasted.

Your progress now depends on your decision to try knowing that you will overcome your failures and rise above them.

YOUR failure now; See it as a challenge, you have all it takes to win. You will surely win.
Hope to see you at the top soon. Thanks for reading

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